"Whats Up Bro?" ("Di si brate?"), collage, unburned clay, 2016

Luiza Margan is a visual artist working with installation, sculpture, video and public space. She is born in Rijeka, Croatia and is living in Vienna and Rijeka.


In her art practice, she explores relations between the private and the public and the value of work within changing labor conditions. She looks at the way public space and cultural identities are defined through inscription of historical narratives or ideological shifts, often referencing the role of art within these processes.

By dissecting historical, ideological, or aesthetic value systems, she creates new readings of space, social relations and their future imaginings.


Formally playful and materially polyamorous, her works are process-oriented and informed through archives, field research and walking, as well as collecting and re-contextualizing of

found materials.


Margan has exhibited in numerous exhibitions, collaborative projects, public space actions and talks. Currently, she is in a

residency at Akademe Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart.






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