Luiza Margan, born in Rijeka, Croatia, holds a master degree in visual arts

from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (2006) and the Academy of Fine

Arts in Vienna (2013).

In her art practice, she investigates the socio economic complexities of public

space, cultural work and the condition of labor within changing technologies.

Using archives, field research as well as documentary visual and sound

recording, Margan creates a critical understanding of her subjects, creating

sculptural, printed and video works, or performative actions within public


In her recent work, she looks at the relation of historical political ideologies

and their role in the construction of public space and national identity through

architecture and monuments, with a focus on socialist legacy and the socialist

transition into the commercialization of public space and land.

Margan has exhibited widely in international context, most recently in “The

Value of Freedom”, 21 Haus, Museum of Contemporary Art in Vienna, “On the

Shoulders of Fallen Giants”, Industrial Art Biennale, Istria, Croatia and at

Eikon Schaufenster in Museumsquarter, Vienna (2018).

She is part of the artist collective Golden Pixel Cooperative based in Vienna.