Eye to Eye with Freedom

The action Eye to Eye with Freedom enabled

the citizens to be elevated to the eye level of the highest monument in Rijeka, the Monument of Liberation, erected in 1955 to mark the 10 years of liberation of the city of Rijeka from fascism.

The monument was made by sculptor Vinko Matkovic and it is approximately 21 m heigh.

It represents a group of 3 partisans placed on a top of a high “T”-shaped pedestal. The central, female partisan figure represents the “allegory of freedom”.





Action in public space, Rijeka, Croatia

Series of 7 photographs, fine art prints


Year: 2014



The Value of Freedom, 21Haus, Vienna, 2018

The City and Me, Cre Art Eur. Exhibition in Pardubice (CZ) Linz (AT) & Genoa (IT) 2015

Heroes We Love, Art Gallery, Maribor, 2015




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