Hairless Tongue


Site specific sculpture, concrete, metal, books

ca 250 x 120 x 90 cm


Year: 2015



Mature and Angry @ Old Bath

Plovidv Art Week, Bulgaria



The platform-like, tongue-shaped object is made out of concrete and metal to relate to the architecture of the space, and to the visitors bodies that inhabit it.


On one hand it references to the body and it's ability to shape voice, on the other it serves as a 'stage' for multiplicity of actions that one can perform, and by this, gain voice.


The tongue's piercing, symbolizing the ‘fashionable’ body-changing-act often done by teenagers, as well as ancient ritualistic body marking in some cultures, becomes a powerful tool that, in it’s shiny surface captures and reflects the space, serving as a tool of possible empowerment.



Disguising Oneself into Oneself in the

Time of the Regime (Mothers' Hair)

C print, 2015

© Luiza Margan 2021