"Suddenly, There Was Another Set of Teeth in My Mouth" (Prothesis)

Object based installation, shown in "Migrations of Fear", Koroska Gallery,Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
Aluminium, ceramic, plaster, epoxy resin, styrofoam, ca130 x 80 x30 cm

"Suddenly, There Was Another Set of Teeth in My Mouth"(Prothesis), is a sculpture inspired by the form of a partial dental prosthesis, a structure that provides physical stability through artificial insertion into one’s body.
It relates to the personal narratives of the creators of this specific exhibition,and cultural workers in general, the artist and curator. The idea for the work is an outcome of an ongoing conversation between the artist and the curator about sustainability within their roles as culture workers.

The work directly refers to the struggle of the curator of the exhibition to repair his teeth, an act which has been for long time compromised by the uncertainty of his own cultural labor earnings - an issue of health and self-care that affects many independent cultural workers. The sculpture tangles the problematic of the unbalanced value system within culture production in general. Rather than being an illustration of the struggle, it communicates through its aesthetically form and dresses issues easily understood by anyone.
Various historic narratives present teeth as powerful symbols of identity, which are in this work transformed into a dynamic play of casted artists’ hands and feet with half-broken ceramic materials.
The oversized shape of the work relates directly to our own bodies' exterior and the space we inhabit, therefore inverting the perception of our physicality, the notions stability and the fear of losing it.