@ Studio Golo Brdo, Rovinjsko selo @ acb Gallery, Budapest

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Restaging Monument
At Studio Golo Brdo Luiza Margan shows a continuation of her work on the role of public monuments, reconsidering the relationship between history and power embodied in them and their effect on everyday social interaction and language. Monuments are perceived to contain performative and discursive material.
Margan shows a work related to her last project in public space “Eye to Eye with Freedom” that enabled the citizens of Rijeka to be lifted 22m high with a crane up to the bronze partisan figures of the Monument of Liberation (1955) in Rijeka in order to stand eye to eye with the central, female partisan. The large interest of the public for the action and the intensity of emotional responses among participants raise questions about the power of monuments to animate, their symbolic value and the nostalgia towards ideological promises of the past.
The series of photomontages is based on photographs that the artist acquired from the family archive of the monument’s sculptor Vinko Matkovic, posing before different stages in production of the sculpture. Margan juxtaposes these scenes of ‘the artist at work’ with photographs showing herself in physical exercise.

The environment of the Golo Brdo served as a platform for collaboration with the sound artist Philip Leitner (AT) with whom Margan engaged in a process of performative and sculptural rethinking of the idea of a monument.

Philip Leitner (born 1981), is an Austrian musician and software developer. He uses piano as well as everyday household objects, combining and layering computerized post-processing, micro-sounds and extended piano. His work is defined by aleotoric functions, using chance and entropy as an integral process for creating sounds and structures.

*photographs of the installation views and work in progress: Markus Krottendorfer
*photomontages: photos by Luiza Margan juxtaposed by the scans of photographs from the private archive of the Matkovic family, Rijeka