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( a model for future tongues)

Installation view in Ragahof, Vienna, June 2010 exhibition in framework of festival Lost in Wien;curated by Karoline Hausman and Isolde Cristandl.

The Fleshness of Voice : What language and the body have in common is the voice, but the voice is part neither of language nor of the body. (Mladen Dolar, 2006)

A wooden tongue- shaped object-platform was built inside of the exhibition room, placed in front of the balcony door without the balcony. The platform was made to by slided through the balcony door and become a temporary balcony space - a communication platform.

Tongue is an architectural intervention, a movable ramp-like object that can stand on its own or can serve as an extension of the inner into the outside space. It is an extesion of the intimate architecture body into a social space, an architectural body part becoming an organ for the Body and Voice to become “visible”. It opens up the possible, optional and theoretical spaces.