The artist created a photo documentation of all the historical equestrian statues in the city squares of Vienna as the basis of this work.

Using a digital processing of the photos, Margan 'separates' the horse tales of the horse bodies, and by photo-montaging them, creates a collection of “mustaches”. These serve as the motive for the silkscreen poster.

The resulting 2-color silkscreen print shows 10 such examples of “city mustaches” and tittled,

in an aesthetic form that resembles illustrations of classical anatomy books, with the names of the actual historic horse riders, namely: Ludwig, Otto, Josef etc.





Silkscreen print on archival fine art paper

Edition of 8, ca 100 x 70 cm


Year: 2013



Appropriation @ Michaela Stock Gallery Vienna, AT, 2014





© Luiza Margan 2021