By strolling the streets of Mexico City, Margan starts following the paths and songs of the illegal street vendors.

As an integral part of the street life in Mexico City and its subway system, the vendors still work in fear of police prosecution, in highly precarious conditions and often move from one part of the city to another.

The artist starts collecting the leftover materials they leave behind; small pieces of ropes and strings usually used to pack merchandise into packages.

She connects them together into long strings, weaving these interrupted time-lines of labor, free time and commute into a large structure, a hammock.

Full of hand made knots and accidental clusters, the hammock represents the so much needed siesta, the time to dream, and to be the master of one’s time.





Sculpture, found materials- ropes, wood

ca 250 x 100 cm


Year: 2017



Chaux @ Martin Janda Gallery, Vienna, 2017



Generali Collection @ Museum of Modern Art Salzburg

© Luiza Margan 2021