Within the Giant's Belly

More then We Then We Are

is miniature sculpture (found object from the shipyard in Rijeka), a rusty screw-nut made of 3 equal hexagonal parts, one of which is cleaned, polished and coated with gold. The object addresses the surplus value of work and alienation of labor from its product in the commodity production. It grasps on the ideas of desire and the extra value applied through labor.


Within the Giant’s Belly , fine art print, 2013

The work examines the role of art in the represe-

ntation of socialist ideology, by analyzing the sculpture representing the worker, a bronze statue standing in front of the shipyard in Rijeka where it was placed in 1965, (made by Croatian sculptor Vinko Matkovic).

The photomontage print is an intervention to the photograph of this larger-than-life sculpture including the digital erasure of the product of the worker’s labor – the vessel – from its hands, with them remaining open and empty, and the body split in two.

© Luiza Margan 2021